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Figure 4

From: The small molecule NSC676914A is cytotoxic and differentially affects NFκB signaling in ovarian cancer cells and HEK293 cells

Figure 4

NSC676914A cytotoxicity is rescued by ROS inhibitor. Cell death in parental HEK293 and OVCAR3 cells after 3 days of exposure to NSC676914A or IKKβ inhibitor. Viability of HEK293 cells (A) or OVCAR3 cells (B) and TNFα-treated OVCAR3 (C) cells, after 72 h exposure to NSC676914A or IKKβ inhibitor, following 1 h pretreatment with cell death inhibitors ZVAD 10 μM, NEC-1 20 μM, NAC 1 mM, as described in Methods. Data are average of three independent measurements.

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