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Figure 2

From: Analysis of the functional repertoire of a mutant form of survivin, K129E, which has been linked to lung cancer

Figure 2

K129E in mitosis. (A) Fluorescence images of cells in metaphase, anaphase and cytokinesis, with WT or K129E shown in green, microtubules immunostained (red) and chromosomes counterstained with DAPI (blue). K129E localises similarly to WT at all stages. (B) Still images taken from time lapse experiment recording mitosis in cells expressing WT or K129E. Cells were treated for 3 h with DMA to induce monopolar spindles with chromosomes attached in a syntelic configuration, and time (minutes) since DMA removal is indicated in top right corner. Upper panels DIC, lower panels GFP. Cells expressing K129E divide more slowly than those expressing WT. Scale bars 5 μm.

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