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Table 4 EGFR gene dosage status evaluated with the use of real-time PCR

From: Astrocytoma-associated antigens - IL13Rα2, Fra-1, and EphA2 as potential markers to monitor the status of tumour-derived cell cultures in vitro

Sample G108 G111 G112 G113 G114
Tumour A/P (18.50) A (6.18) A (9.25) Low A(1.78) Low A (2.02)
1-2 months culture Low A/P (3.58) - (1.12) Low A(1.69) - (1.00) Low A (3.57)
3-4 months culture Low A/P (2.24) Low A (1.58) - (1.02) - (1.31) Low A (2.97)
5-7 months culture Low A/P (1.85) Low A (1.62) Low A (1.68) Low A(1.83) n.a.
  1. Results are presented as relative EGFR gene dosage levels in comparison to control (values in brackets). Values ≥ 5 were considered as EGFR amplification (A); values 1.5-5 were considered as low amplification level of EGFR (low A). Polysomy 7 (P) were examined based on GPER gene dosage status (details in Methods section). n.a. = non-analysed.