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Figure 6

From: Aged garlic extract protects against oxidative stress and renal changes in cisplatin-treated adult male rats

Figure 6

Electron micrographs of the renal corpuscle of rats. Normal podocytes (Pc) with primary (P1) and secondary (P2) foot processes, glomerular capillaries (C) with regular continuous basement membrane (m), fenestrated (F) endothelial cell lining (E) and mesangial cells (MC) in-between are seen in renal corpuscle of control (A) and aged garlic extract-treated (B) rats. Fused foot processes (P2), mesangial hyperplasia (MC) and irregular capillary (C) basement membrane (m) are seen in cisplatin-treated rats (C). Dilated congested glomerular capillaries (C) are seen in combined aged garlic extract and cisplatin-treated rats (D). B: blood cells. BM: tubular basement membrane. S: capsular space. Uranyl acetate-lead citrate Stain.

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