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Figure 7

From: Aged garlic extract protects against oxidative stress and renal changes in cisplatin-treated adult male rats

Figure 7

Electron micrographs of proximal tubular epithelial cells of rats. Normal cellular ultrastructure is observed in control (A) and aged garlic extract-treated (B) rats. Marked destruction (*) of apical microvilli (mv), excessive number of lysosomes (Ly), cytoplasmic vesicles (V), irregular basement membrane (BM), degenerated mitochondria (M), marginal nuclear chromatin and apoptotic nuclei (N2) are seen in cisplatin-treated rats (C). Few cytoplasmic vacuoles (V), lysosomes (Ly) are seen in combined aged garlic extract and cisplatin-treated rats (D). N: oval nucleus; n: nucleolus; h: heterochromatin; ne: nuclear envelop. Uranyl acetate-lead citrate Stain.

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