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Figure 8

From: Aged garlic extract protects against oxidative stress and renal changes in cisplatin-treated adult male rats

Figure 8

Normal regular basement membrane (BM), many basal infoldings (f), round regular nuclei (N), numerous elongated basal mitochondria (M), few lysosomes (Ly), apical junctions (J) are seen in control (A) and aged garlic extract-treated (B) rats. Regular outlined nucleus (N), few small-sized round mitochondria (M), many lysosomes (Ly) and numerous heterogenous cytoplasmic vacuoles (V) are seen in cisplatin-treated rats (C). Regular round nucleus (N), regular basement membrane (BM), numerous basal infoldings (f) and apical tight junctions (J) are seen in combined aged garlic extract and cisplatin-treated rats (D). Uranyl acetate-lead citrate Stain.

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