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Figure 1

From: Human umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cells promote carcinoma growth and lymph node metastasis when co-injected with esophageal carcinoma cells in nude mice

Figure 1

Characteristics of hUCMSCs derived from human umbilical cord. (A) Flow cytometric histograms showing the immunophenotype of umbilical vein mesenchymal stem cells. The cells were analyzed by their physical parameters: granularity and size. The gated cells were negative for the hematopoietic line markers CD45, CD14, CD19 and for HLA-DR and CD34. Analyzed cells were positive for CD29, CD73, CD90, CD44 and CD105, which are considered to be markers of mesenchymal stem cells. Isotype controls show non-specific fluorescence. (B) HUCMSCs differentiate into osteoblasts. Calcium deposition, indicative of osteoblasts, was stained with Alizarin Red stain. (C) HUCMSCs differentiate into adipocytes. The presence of triglycerides, characteristic of adipocytes, was revealed by staining with oil red O.

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