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Figure 2

From: Characterization of ductal carcinoma in situ cell lines established from breast tumor of a Singapore Chinese patient

Figure 2

Transfection of ETCC001 human breast cells with hTERT. Five hTERT-transfected clones (ETCC006, ETCC007, ETCC008, ETCC010 and ETCC011) were obtained. (A) Telomerase activities were determined using TRAPeze-XL telomerase detection kit. Heat inactivated samples were used as negative controls and the readings were deducted as background. (B) Population doubling time (in hour) was determined using cell confluency as a measure of cell growth. Only log phase of the growth curve was used in the calculation of population doubling rate. (C) Colony counts of ETCC001 and hTERT-expressing cell lines in the soft agar assay. The assay was performed in triplicates and error bars represent standard deviation.

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