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Figure 2

From: CD28-, CD45RAnull/dim and natural killer-like CD8+ T cells are increased in peripheral blood of women with low-grade cervical lesions

Figure 2

Percentages of memory subsets of CD8+ T cells in control, HPV-I, and CIN-I groups. CCR7+ and CD45RA + memory subpopulations were classified as follows: A) Naive: CCR7 + CD45RAbright; B) Central memory: CM CCR7 + CD45RA null/dim; C) Effector memory RAbright: EMRAbright, CCR7–CD45RA+, or terminally differentiated effector; D) RAnull/dim: EMRAnull/dim CCR7–CD45RA±, and E) RA– : EMRAnull CCR7–CD45RA–. By Analysis of variance (ANOVA) testing, we found a statistically significant difference between the percentages of naive, CM, and EMRA null/dim CD8+ T cells in the CIN-I group compared with the control group (p <0.01). CM CD8+ T cells were diminished in the HPV-I group compared with those of the control group (p <0.01).

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