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Figure 1

From: Nucleofection optimization and in vitro anti-tumourigenic effect of TRAIL-expressing human adipose-derived mesenchymal stromal cells

Figure 1

Characterization of ADMSCs. Phase contrast of in vitro expanded ADMSCs at passage 3 and passage 6 showing both consistent with fibroblast-like morphology (magnification: 10X) (A). Genomic stability was also observed in ADMSCs at passage 3 and passage 6 (A). Semi quantitative RT-PCR analysis of germ specific markers in uninduced ADMSCs (P2) when compared to induced (adipogenic and osteogenic) ADMSCs; template = 5ul, PCR cycle =30, internal control is GAPDH (B). Mesenchymal lineages differentiation of adipogenesis (C) stained with Oil Red O and osteogenesis (D) stained with Alizarin Red were performed and results of RT-PCR for the relevant transcripts after differentiation were also depicted (left lane: uninduced cells and right lane: induced cells).

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