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Figure 5

From: Nucleofection optimization and in vitro anti-tumourigenic effect of TRAIL-expressing human adipose-derived mesenchymal stromal cells

Figure 5

ADMSCs-TRAIL inhibited proliferation and induced tumour cell apoptosis. High R2 (DR5) and R4 (DcR2) TRAIL receptors expression was noticed in A549, LN18 and HepG2 lines (A). Proliferation of LN18 was persistently inhibited as the tumour line was cultured with 40% to 100% ADMSCs-TRAIL conditioned medium. However, the inhibition of A549 and HepG2 tumour lines was only noticed when the cells were cultured with 80% and 100% ADMSCs-TRAIL conditioned medium (B). Constant inhibition of LN18 tumour lines noticed when cultured with increased number of ADMSCs-TRAIL (C). Native ADMSCs alone were able to induce apoptosis in both LN18 and HepG2; in addition, the apoptotic effect was enhanced when the tumour cells were cultured with ADMSCs-TRAIL (D; *p < 0.01, **p < 0.001; t-test).

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