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Figure 1

From: Optimization of a therapeutic electromagnetic field (EMF) to retard breast cancer tumor growth and vascularity

Figure 1

The complex magnetic field device and illustration of field generated. A. Drawing illustrating the “Complex Magnetic Field Device” used in the current study. The ellipsoidal coil with 14” by 21” diameters targets the EMF exposure area. The magnetic flux density, as measured within the perforated Plexiglass wall of the exposure chamber (mouse cage), produces a homogeneous signal of 10, 15 or 20 mT. The temperature change within the chamber during mice exposures to therapeutic EMF did not exceed 1˚C. B. The device generates a pulsating half (semi) sine wave magnetic field with a frequency of 120 pulses per second, as shown. A small DC component occurs between two semi-sine waves and a slight distortion is observed at the front of part of the semi-sine wave. The type of signal flip-flops the negative part of the sine wave into a positive thus creating a pulsed semi-sine wave.

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