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Figure 2

From: Upregulation of microRNA-196a and microRNA-196b cooperatively correlate with aggressive progression and unfavorable prognosis in patients with colorectal cancer

Figure 2

Prognostic value of miR-196a and miR-196b in colorectal cancer. Kaplan-Meier survival curves of the disease free survival (A for miR-196a expression, B for miR-196b expression, C for miR-196a/miR-196b expression) and overall survival (D for miR-196a expression, E for miR-196b expression, F for miR-196a/miR-196b expression) for miR-196a and/or miR-196b expression in colorectal cancer. ‘a’ refers to miR-196a-low/miR-196b-low group; ‘b’ refers to miR-196a-low/miR-196b-high & miR-196a-high/miR-196b-low groups; ‘c’ refers to miR-196a-high/miR-196b-high group.

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