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Figure 4

From: Osteoblast inhibition by chemokine cytokine ligand3 in myeloma-induced bone disease

Figure 4

Effect of CCL3 on the OB of patients with MBD. (A) The OB morphology is not affected by CCL3. The OB of the blank group (A1) is not different from the OB applied with the CCL3 treatment (A2). (B) The mineralized bone-like nodules of the OB in the CCL3 group (B2) are less than that in the blank group (B1) (P <0.05). (C) The OCN level secreted by the OB is detected using ELISA. The secreted OCN reduces after stimulation with CCL3 (P <0.05) and is partially restored by CCL3 antibody treatment (P <0.05). (D) Runx2 and Osx gene expressions in the OB assessed using the quantitative PCR. The expressions are significantly downregulated with CCL3 treatment (P <0.01) but promoted after the CCL3 antibody is used (P <0.05). The Wnt expression exhibits no change with or without the CCL3 antibody.

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