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Table 1 CD146-correlated signals and brief mechanisms that influence melanoma progression

From: The multifaceted role of CD146/MCAM in the promotion of melanoma progression

Signalling pathway Progression Mechanism References
TNF-α-NF-κB-CD146 CD146-NF-κB inflammation promotion proinflammatory leukocyte extravasations [24,25,27]
CD146-PI3K–AKT-CD146 survival inhibition of the pro-apoptotic protein BAD, resistance to staurosporine-induced cell death, and the cleavage of caspase 3 [46]
PAR1-PAFR-CD146 metastasis promotion of heterotypic adhesion, diapedesis, and retention of the ability for metastasis [60,61]
CD146-ATF-3-Id-1-MMP2 invasion cleavage or degradation of the extracellular matrix to invade surrounding tissues [41,46,63]
CD146/moesin/RhoGDI1- RhoA-PI4P5K-PIP2-CD146/moesin/RhoGDI1/PIP2-actin motility direction of tail-end membrane retraction, and the forward translocation of the cell body; degradation of focal adhesions and disassembly of stress fibres [13,17,19,20,54,65,78]
CD146-IL-6-p38α-MAPK- Wnt5a-CD146/DVL2/Fz3- WRAMP
CD146-NF-κB p50-IL-6-VEGF angiogenesis Promotion of endothelial proliferation and the development of capillary-like structures [39,41,45,50,68,72,74,75]