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Table 1 List of natural agents with notable activity against AR in prostate cancer

From: Overview on the complexity of androgen receptor-targeted therapy for prostate cancer

Agent Targets Reference
Urolithins (Walnut polyphenol metabolites) PSA ↓ Sánchez-González et al. [24]
Bcl-2 ↓
AR inhibition
Curcumin AR inhibition Zhou et al. [25]
Imidazopyridine PI3K/Akt ↓ Muniyan et al. [26]
AR induced signaling ↓
Atraric acid Inhibition of intramolecular amino/carboxy (N/C)-terminal interaction of the AR Hessenkemper et al. [27]
Furanoditerpenoid spongia-13(16),-14-dien-19- oic acid Yang et al. [28]
AZD3514 AR ↓ Loddick et al. [31]
Rosmarinus officinalis extract AR ↓ Petiwala et al. [29]
Betulinic acid AR ↓ Reiner et al. [30]
Isochaihulactone AR mRNA ↓ Liu et al. [33,34]
Shikonin AR protein ↓ Jang et al. [32]
  1. Arrow indicates inhibition and/or downregulation of target proteins.