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Table 4 FOXO3a activation in breast cancer cells increases apoptosis

From: Evaluating the evidence for targeting FOXO3a in breast cancer: a systematic review

First author (Year) Treatment Effect on FOXO3a (Activates/Inactivates) Cellular effects
Kong (2010) [35] miR-155 Inhibits in BT-474 measured by protein expression. Decreased Bim and p27 expression decreased apoptosis.
Kong (2012) [36] AZD6244, indirectly as an ATP-uncompetitive inhibitor of MEK ½ Activates FOXO3a in MTDH knock-down, AZD6244 resistant lines. Increased apoptosis.
Lam (2012) [37] Aqueous extract of Fagonia Activates FOXO3a measured by Western blot in MCF7 and MDA231. Cell cycle arrest and apoptosis.
Lin (2010) [38] miR-96 Inhibits in BT549, ZR-75-30, Bcap37, MDA-MB231, MDA-MB435, MCF-7, SKBR3 measured as FOXO3a expression and by reporter assay. Down-regulation of p21 cip1, p27 kip1, CDK and cyclin 1.
Liu (2012) [39] Arsenic trioxide Activates in MCF7 measured as nuclear translocation and expression. Decreased IKKB.
Increased apoptosis.
Stan (2008) [40] Withaferin. Activates in MCF-7 (estrogen-responsive) and MDA-MB-231. Increased Bim expression.
Increased apoptosis.