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Figure 1

From: Arf6 regulates EGF-induced internalization of E-cadherin in breast cancer cells

Figure 1

EGF promotes internalization of E-cadherin in MCF-7 cells. (A) Levels of biotin-labeled E-cadherin in MCF-7 cells under EGF (50 ng/mL) treatment for up to 60 min were analyzed by internalization assays. (B) Levels of biotin-labeled E-cadherin under different concentrations of EGF for 15 min were analyzed by internalization assays. (C) Representative micrographs of cells treated with EGF (50 ng/mL) for 15 min and stained for distribution of E-cadherin using FITC-conjugated secondary antibody (green). Cells were counterstained with DAPI (blue). Images are representative of at least 3 independent determinations. Scale bar, 10 μm. *: P < 0.05, **: P < 0.01, referring to the difference between cells treated with and those without EGF.

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