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Figure 3

From: Downregulated lincRNA HOTAIR expression in ovarian cancer stem cells decreases its tumorgeniesis and metastasis by inhibiting epithelial-mesenchymal transition

Figure 3

CD117 + CD44 +-shHOTAIR reduced the HOTAIR expression and colony forming potential. A. CD117+CD44+ CSCs transfected with the recombinant shHOTAIR or scramble HOTAIR were selected by 800 μg/ml G 418 in two weeks (magnification 200×). Images were taken from a fluorescence microscope (top) and from a light microscope (bottom). B. QRT-PCR analysis of the HOTAIR expression in both CD117+CD44+-shHOTAIR and CD117+CD44+-scramble. C. Images of CD117+CD44+- shHOTAIR and CD117+CD44+-scramble in colony forming assay. D. Statistical analysis of colony forming ratio. **P < 0.01.

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