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Figure 5

From: Downregulated lincRNA HOTAIR expression in ovarian cancer stem cells decreases its tumorgeniesis and metastasis by inhibiting epithelial-mesenchymal transition

Figure 5

CD117 + CD44 +-shHOTAIR inhibited cell growth and lung metastasis in mice . A. Images represent the tumor growth in the nude mice 24 days after they were injected with 2 × 104 CD117+CD44+-shHOTAIR or CD117+CD44+-scramble. B. Tumor-free mice throughout the 64-day observation period. C. Tumor sizes dissected from the SKOV3 tumor bearing mice 64 days after the mice were injected with the 2 × 104 CD117+CD44+-shHOTAIR or CD117+CD44+-scramble cells. D. Tumor volume in a set of 6 mice. E. Presence of tumor cell metastasis in lungs is visible in the CD117+CD44+-scramble lung tissue section (left); no tumor cells are found in the lungs of the nude mice injected with the CD117+CD44+-shHOTAIR lung tissue section (right). The sections were stained by H.E. Scale bars: 100 μm (magnification ×200). **P <0.01, referring to the differences as indicated.

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