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Figure 2

From: MiR-124 suppresses cell motility and adhesion by targeting talin 1 in prostate cancer cells

Figure 2

Talin 1 is a target of miR-124. (A) TargetScan revealed a putative interrelationship between talin 1 and miR-124. (B) To confirm transfection efficiencies, the level of miR-124 was examined after transfection of mimics or inhibitors. The miR-124 expression level was increased by approximately 2000-fold in cells transfected with mimics and decreased by 70% in cells transfected with inhibitors. (C) The expression level of talin 1 was obviously affected by manipulation of endogenous miR-124 in prostate cancer cells. (D) The dual luciferase reporter assay demonstrated regulation of talin 1 by miR-124. Relative light units were drastically suppressed by about 60% after transfection of pGL-TLN1 and mimics, implying an interaction between miR-124 and the seed sequence of the talin 1 gene. pGL-TLN1 denotes the reporter plasmid containing the seed sequence in the 3′-UTR of the talin gene. pGL-mut denotes the reporter plasmid with a mutated seed sequence. Data represent the means from three independent experiments (**p < 0.01).

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