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Figure 3

From: MiR-124 suppresses cell motility and adhesion by targeting talin 1 in prostate cancer cells

Figure 3

MiR-124 abrogates the adhesion, migration, and invasion capabilities of prostate cancer cells. Du145 and PC3 cells pre-transfected with mimics, inhibitors, or talin 1 siRNA were subjected to attachment and transwell assays. (A) MiR-124 mimics abrogated cell adhesion, resembling the effect of talin 1 knockdown, whereas miR-124 inhibitors relatively enhanced the adhesion of both cell lines. The effects were more prominent in Du145 cells. (B) Both mimics and talin 1 siRNA markedly impaired the migration and invasion capabilities of Du145 and PC3 cells, whereas miR-124 inhibitors had the opposite effects. Data represent the means from three independent experiments (*p < 0.05).

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