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Figure 1

From: B-cell receptor-guided delivery of peptide-siRNA complex for B-cell lymphoma therapy

Figure 1

Fluorescence analysis of A20 cells after treatment with peptide-siRNA complexes. Peptide-siRNA complexes were incubated with A20 cells for the indicated times and analyzed at cytofluorimeter after 3 washes. A) and B) Permealized A20 cells. Samples: 0, untreated control cells; 1, fluorescent siGLORNAi alone; 2, A20-36-9R-siGLORNAi; 3, 5R-A20-36-5R-siGLORNAi; 4, RND-9R-siGLORNAi; 5, 5R-RND-5R-siGLORNAi; 6, A20-36-siGLORNAi.

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