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Figure 6

From: B-cell receptor-guided delivery of peptide-siRNA complex for B-cell lymphoma therapy

Figure 6

Effect of siRNABcl2 on the expression levels of Bcl2 mRNA. 5 × 105 A20 cells were treated with 5R-A20-36-5R peptide in absence (control) or presence of siRNABcl2. 48 hours post-treatment, total RNA was extracted and analysed by qRT-PCR to evaluate the Bcl2 mRNA expression relative to β-actin. A. Lanes: C, control; 1, 5R-A20-36-5R; 2, 5R-A20-36-5R-siRNABcl2; 3, 5R-A20-36-5R-siRNASCR. B. Lanes: C, control; 4, 5R-RND-5R; 5, 5R-RND-5R -siRNABcl2; 6, 5R-RND-5R-siRNASCR. C. Lanes: C, control; 7, siRNABcl2; 8, siRNASCR. Values of mean ± SD (n = 3) are shown.

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