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Fig. 5

From: Knockdown of WAVE3 impairs HGF induced migration and invasion of prostate cancer cells

Fig. 5

Paxillin in the WAVE-3 knockdown PC-3 cells. a. Distribution of Paxillin in the WAVE-3 knockdown cells was examined using immunofluorescent staining by anti-Paxillin antibody (BD Biosciences, 610051). Arrows point to enhanced staining of Paxillin at the focal adhesions which was not observed in the WAVE-3 knockdown cells. b. Activation of Paxillin in the PC-3 was determined using immunoprecitation and Western blot. Tyrosine phosphorylated proteins were immunoprecipitated using PY20 (p-Tyr antibody, Santa Cruz Biotechnology, SC-508). GAPDH was used to probe cell lysates which were the same input samples for the immunoprecipitation as loading control

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