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Fig. 6

From: Knockdown of WAVE3 impairs HGF induced migration and invasion of prostate cancer cells

Fig. 6

Knockdown of WAVE-3 reduced MMP-2 activity in the PC-3 cells. a. Expression of MMPs was examined using RT-PCR. b. Semi-quantification was performed to determine the change of MMP2 transcripts in WAVE-3 knockdown cells compared with PC-3pEF control cells. Integrated density of the MMP2 bands was normalised against the corresponding GAPDH bands, shown are changes of MMP2 in percentage against its quantity in the control cells. c. MMP-2 in cell lysate and culture medium was determined using Western blot (top two panels), while the activity of the secreted MMP-2 (culture medium) was assessed using zymography (bottom panel)

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