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Fig. 9

From: Observations on the expression of human papillomavirus major capsid protein in HeLa cells

Fig. 9

HPV L1 protein expression detection in HeLa cells by Western blotting. Lane 4 is Maker, the molecular weight of which are respectively 55, 72(red), 95, 130 kDa. Lanes 1 to 3 are the results of rabbit anti-HPV L1 broad spectrum polyclonal antibody reaction. Lanes 5 to 7 show the results of mice anti-HPV L1 multivalence monoclonal antibody reaction. Lane 1 and 7 are HPV18 L1 recombinant protein. Lane 2 and 6 are HaCat cell lysates. Lane 3 and 5 are HeLa cell lysates

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