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Table 2 Shows pKa of some of commonly used anticancer agents

From: Resistance to cancer chemotherapy: failure in drug response from ADME to P-gp

Drugs pKa Ionization behavior
Daunorubicin 8.3 Weak base
Doxorubicin 8.3 Weak base
Mitoxantrone 8.3 Weak base
Paclitaxel Zwitterion  
5-Fluorouracil 7.76* Weak acid
Cyclophosphamide ‎6.0‎ Weak acid
Chlorambucil 5.8 Weak acid
Cisplatin 5.06 Weak acid
  1. * Although the pKa of 5-FU is higher but it considered as weak acid due to electrons withdrawn capacity due to Fluorine atom [124].