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Table 1 Candidate target genes for miR-96 according to the data of miRTarBase

From: Upregulation of microRNA-96 and its oncogenic functions by targeting CDKN1A in bladder cancer

miRTarBase ID miRNA Target gene Experiments
MIRT001087 hsa-miR-96 FOXO1 QPCR//LRA//WB//IHC//NB
MIRT002447 hsa-miR-96 HTR1B LRA
MIRT003144 hsa-miR-96 Mitf IHC//Microarray//qPCR//WB
MIRT003414 hsa-miR-96 CDKN1A LRA//Microarray//qPCR//WB
MIRT004352 hsa-miR-96 PRMT5 WB
MIRT005450 hsa-miR-96 FOXO3 LRA//qPCR//WB
MIRT005553 hsa-miR-96 KRAS IHC//NB//WB//LRA
  1. LRA luciferase reporter assay, WB Western blot, IHC immunohistochemistry, NB northern blot