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Table 1 Validated targets for miR cluster 143/145 with their cancer-related function

From: Implications of miR cluster 143/145 as universal anti-oncomiRs and their dysregulation during tumorigenesis

Target genes Type of cancer Cancer-related function References
KRAS CRC, PCa, PaCa Proliferation [109]
MACC1 CRC Metastasis [110]
TLR2 CRC Proliferation, invasion [109]
DNMT3A CRC, BrCa, leukemia Proliferation [111113]
Akt CRC, BC, HCC, glioma Apoptosis, proliferation [114117]
ERK5 CRC, PCa, BC, B-cell malignancy Proliferation [115, 117119]
Bcl2 CRC, BrCa, OC, BC Apoptosis [60, 92, 115, 120]
Survivin BrCa Apoptosis [89]
ARHGEF1 PaCa Metastasis [92]
ARHGEF2 PaCa Proliferation, invasion [121]
FNDC3B HCC Metastasis [121]
Cox2 BC, GC Metastasis [117, 131]
MMP-13 OC, lung Invasion [122, 123]
Lmk1 Lung Metastasis [124]
Cateninδ-1 CRC Proliferation, invasion [125]
DFF45 CRC Apoptosis [126]
VEGF CRC, BrCa, OC, thyroid, GB Angiogenesis [127130]
c-Myc CRC, PCa, EOC, BrCa, PaCa, ESCC, lung, glioma, RCC Proliferation, invasion, apoptosis [58, 131134]
PAK4 CRC Proliferation, invasion [135]
IRS1 CRC, HCC, BC Proliferation [49]
IRS2 CRC Proliferation [84]
YES CRC Proliferation [136]
STAT1 CRC Proliferation [136]
Fascin-1 CRC, BrCa, BC, ESCC, glioma Invasion [106, 137140]
SWAP70 PCa Invasion [141]
ERG PCa Proliferation, invasion, apoptosis, angiogenesis [142]
CD44 PCa, lung CSC [132, 134, 143]
Oct4 PCa, lung, GCT CSC [132]
KLF4 PCa, GCT CSC [144]
CDK4 Lung Proliferation [145]
CDK6 EOC, OSCC Proliferation [146]
p70S6K1 CRC, EOC Proliferation [146]
Muc-1 EOC, BrCa Invasion [146, 147]
RTKN BrCa Proliferation, invasion [148, 149]
JAM-A BrCa Proliferation [150]
ERα BrCa Proliferation [83]
RREB1 PaCa Proliferation, apoptosis [74]
HDAC2 HCC Transcriptional regulation [103]
Ets1 GC Migration, apoptosis, angiogenesis [151]
N-cadherin GC Invasion [152]
E-cadherin Thyroid Invasion [130]
EGFR Lung, glioma Proliferation [153, 154]
NUDT1 BC, lung Proliferation [153]
ROCK1 OC, glioma Proliferation, migration [155, 156]
FLT1 OC Proliferation [157]
PAK1 BC Proliferation, metastasis [158]
CBFβ BC Apoptosis [159]
PPP3CA BC Apoptosis [159]
CLINT1 BC Apoptosis [159]
SOCS7 BC Apoptosis [160]
Ilk BC Cell division/proliferation [161]
ANGPT2 RCC Angiogenesis [40]
NEDD9 Glioma, RCC Proliferation, metastasis [40, 98]
MMP-11 RCC Metastasis [162]
CTGF Glioma Proliferation, invasion, metastasis, angiogenesis [104]
ADAM17 Glioma, RCC, HNSCC Proliferation, invasion, metastasis, angiogenesis [96]
ADAM22 Glioma Metastasis, drug resistance [106]
Abcg2 Glioma Drug resistance, CSC [51]
ADD3 Glioma Proliferation, invasion [70]
Sox9 Glioma, HNSCC Proliferation, CSC [70, 72]
Sox2 Glioma, GCT Proliferation, CSC [97, 163]
Nanog Glioblastoma CSC [97]
PLAUR Glioblastoma Metastasis [106]
SPOCK3 Glioma Invasion [106]
SLC7A5 Glioma Proliferation, metastasis [106]
AKT3 Thyroid Metastasis [205]
miR-143 and miR-145
KLF5 CRC Proliferation [61]
Myo6 PCa Migration, apoptosis [164]
GOLM1 PCa Metastasis [165]
CD133 PCa CSC [132]
IGFIR CRC, HCC, BC Proliferation [114, 166, 167]
MDM2 BrCa, HNSCC Apoptosis [65]
PAI-1 BC Migration, metastasis [168]
HK2 BrCa, HNSCC, OC, RCC, glioma Tumor initiation and maintenance [42, 86, 169172]
N-ras BrCa, glioma Cell division, proliferation, apoptosis [117, 128, 173, 174]
ERBB3 BrCa Drug resistance [175]
  1. CRC colorectal cancer, PCa prostate cancer, PaCa pancreatic cancer, BrCa breast cancer, GC gastric cancer, HCC hepatocellular carcinoma, OC osteosarcoma, RCC renal cell carcinoma, BC bladder cancer, HNSCC head and neck squamous cell carcinoma, GCT germ cell tumor, OSCC oral squamous cell carcinoma, GB gall bladder, EOC epithelial ovarian cancer, ESCC esophageal squamous cell carcinoma