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Fig. 4

From: Solamargine triggers cellular necrosis selectively in different types of human melanoma cancer cells through extrinsic lysosomal mitochondrial death pathway

Fig. 4

TEM images for BAEC, WM35, WM115 and WM239, shows the effect of Solamargine on cellular ultrastructure and fluorescent images shows intact nuclei after Solamargine treatment in WM35 and WM239 cells. Top images show control and the bottom panels show 10 µM Solamargine treatment for 2 h. Solamargine induced signs of necrosis in WM115 primary melanoma (c) and WM239 metastatic melanoma (d) cells, but benign melanoma WM35 (b) and BAEC (a) cells showed milder cell disruption, scale bars 5 µm. e and f Two higher magnification images show the swollen mitochondria in WM239 cells compared to the normal looking mitochondria of WM35 cells after their exposure to 10 µm of Solamargine for 2 h. Scale bars 0.5 µm. g and h Staining of cultured WM35 and WM239 cells with propidium iodide after 2 h Solamargine treatment shows intact nuclei and no signs of nuclear fragmentation or condensation. Scale bars 50 µm

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