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Fig. 5

From: Solamargine triggers cellular necrosis selectively in different types of human melanoma cancer cells through extrinsic lysosomal mitochondrial death pathway

Fig. 5

Representative western blots for the cellular death proteins in the presence and absence of Solamargine. a TNFR1, cytochrome c, and cathepsin B were up-regulated in malignant WM115 and WM239 cells while these proteins were not significantly altered in the benign WM35 cells. b There were no significant changes for FADD protein however, a slight increase in the cleaved caspase-3 protein was observed in both WM115 and WM239 cells, respectively. c The anti-apoptotic protein Bcl-2 was up-regulated more profoundly in WM115 and WM239 cells when compared to WM35 cells. Solamargine also increased the expression of Bcl-xL in both WM35 and WM115 cells, with no effect on WM239 cells. The expression of hILP/XIAP was down regulated in the presence of Solamargine only in WM115 and WM239 cells. d The pro-apoptotic proteins Bax and Apaf-1 were also down regulated upon the administration of Solamargine in WM115 and WM239, but not WM35 cells. Nip-1 and Bad levels did not change significantly with treatment in any cell lines

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