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Table 1 The mass-action law parameters for fisetin and/or paclitaxel in A549 cells

From: Paclitaxel and the dietary flavonoid fisetin: a synergistic combination that induces mitotic catastrophe and autophagic cell death in A549 non-small cell lung cancer cells

Compound M Dm r n
FIS 1.69 74.88 0.99 5
PTX 0.36 9.63 0.99 5
FIS + PTX 0.63 10.87 0.99 5
  1. The data obtained from MTT assays were subjected to automated calculation of m, Dm (µM) and r parameters using CompuSyn software. The parameters m, D m , and r are the slope, the median-effect dose, and the linear correlation coefficient of the median-effect plot, which signify the shape of the dose–effect curve, the potency (IC50), and the conformity of the data to the mass-action law, respectively; n is the number of sets of dose–effect relationship experiments that were conducted
  2. FIS fisetin, PTX paclitaxel