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Table 1 Patient information

From: LIN28B is highly expressed in atypical teratoid/rhabdoid tumor (AT/RT) and suppressed through the restoration of SMARCB1

Designation Sex Age Diagnosis Frozen-mRNA/miRNA Paraffin-IHC Western blotting
C1 F 21 year Cortical dysplasia o o o
C2 F 16 year Cortical dysplasia o o o
C3 M 18 year Cortical dysplasia o o o
C4 M 14 year Cortical dysplasia o
M1 M 13 year Medulloblastoma o o o
M1 F 8 year Medulloblastoma o o o
M3 M 3 year Medulloblastoma o o o
M4 F 8 month Medulloblastoma o o o
M5 F 5 year Medulloblastoma o o o
M6 F 11 year Medulloblastoma o o
M7 M 12 month Medulloblastoma o
M8 M 11 year Medulloblastoma o
A1 M 11 month AT/RT o o o
A2 F 13 month AT/RT o o o
A3 F 3 month AT/RT o o o
A4 M 1 year AT/RT o o o
A5 M 1 month AT/RT o o o
A6 M 12 month AT/RT o o
A7 M 9 month AT/RT o o
A8 M 13 month AT/RT o o
A9 M 17 month AT/RT o
A10 M 1 month AT/RT o
  1. The tissues used for each experiment are marked
  2. AT/RT atypical teratoid rhabdoid tumor