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Fig. 1

From: Success of tumorsphere isolation from WHO grade IV gliomas does not correlate with the weight of fresh tumor specimens: an immunohistochemical characterization of tumorsphere differentiation

Fig. 1

Characterization of a representative GBM TS (TS15-88). a Morphology of TSs shown by phase-contrast microscopy (×100 original magnification). b Immunocytochemical staining of TSs for CD133 and nestin; nuclei were counterstained with DAPI (×100 original magnification). c TSs grown in neural differential media were immunostained for GFAP, MBP, NeuN, and TUBB3 (×200 original magnification). d IHC staining for CD133, CD15 and nestin in the GBM specimen from which this TS sample (TS15-88) was isolated, showing that these markers were well expressed (×200, ×400 original magnification) in this GBM specimen

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