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Fig. 5

From: The chimeric multi-domain proteins mediating specific DNA transfer for hepatocellular carcinoma treatment

Fig. 5

DAPI staining result of different treated HepG-2 cells (×100). The visualized nucleus was broken and disintegrated in TG/pUAS-Apoptin, TNG/pUAS-Apoptin and liposome/pUAS-Apoptin transfected groups, while they were integrated in the other groups. a G; b NG; c TG; d TNG; e liposome; f G/pUAS-Apoptin; g NG/pUAS-Apoptin; h TG/pUAS-Apoptin; i TNG/pUAS-Apoptin; j liposome/pUAS-Apoptin

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