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Fig. 3

From: Long non-coding RNA DBCCR1-003 regulate the expression of DBCCR1 via DNMT1 in bladder cancer

Fig. 3

DNMT1 up-regulation is responsible for the methylation of DBCCR1. a Relative expression of DNMT1 in T24 cells compared to SV-HUC-1 cells was measured by real-time PCR. b Relative expression levels of DNMT1 in 24 pairs of bladder cancer tumors (BC) and the matched adjacent tissues of bladder cancer (ATBT) were determined by real-time PCR. c The CHIP analysis of the binding of DNMT1 in DBCCR1 CpG island promoter. Quantitative-CHIP analysis was conducted to measure the binding of DNMT1 in DBCCR1 CpG island promoter with specific antibodies of DNMT1 with normalization by total input DNA. M mark; 1 MOCK; 2 L-C; 3 L-D3; 4 DAC. Results represent the mean + SD from three independent experiments. Asterisk indicate significant difference at p < 0.05

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