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Table 4 Top 5 enriched GO terms (BP, CC, and MF) from the microarray data

From: Comprehensive analysis of the long noncoding RNA HOXA11-AS gene interaction regulatory network in NSCLC cells

GO.ID Term Ontology Enrichment score P
Upregulated genes
 GO:0071294 Cellular response to zinc ion BP 8.557911479 2.76751E−09
 GO:0044707 Single-multicellular organism process BP 8.514757717 3.05663E−09
 GO:0048731 System development BP 8.400063137 3.98049E−09
 GO:0032501 Multicellular organismal process BP 8.203661346 6.2566E−09
 GO:0048856 Anatomical structure development BP 8.143712557 7.1827E−09
 GO:0005578 Proteinaceous extracellular matrix CC 8.300801864 5.00263E−09
 GO:0031012 Extracellular matrix CC 8.221562341 6.00396E−09
 GO:0005604 Basement membrane CC 6.791104942 1.61769E−07
 GO:0044420 Extracellular matrix part CC 5.570158827 2.69055E−06
 GO:0005576 Extracellular region CC 5.516943306 3.04128E−06
 GO:0005102 Receptor binding MF 8.517557576 3.03698E−09
 GO:0008083 Growth factor activity MF 7.9661485 1.08106E−08
 GO:0005178 Integrin binding MF 4.513665828 3.06432E−05
 GO:0030414 Peptidase inhibitor activity MF 4.359313435 4.37206E−05
 GO:0061134 Peptidase regulator activity MF 4.350560953 4.46107E−05
Downregulated genes
 GO:0001707 Mesoderm formation BP 4.07566169 8.40114E−05
 GO:0048332 Mesoderm morphogenesis BP 4.002278949 9.94766E−05
 GO:0016331 Morphogenesis of embryonic epithelium BP 3.806552741 0.000156116
 GO:0048729 Tissue morphogenesis BP 3.403951508 0.000394501
 GO:0002064 Epithelial cell development BP 3.374049298 0.000422621
 GO:0060076 Excitatory synapse CC 4.66716144 2.15198E−05
 GO:0034364 High-density lipoprotein particle CC 2.577293133 0.002646713
 GO:0048786 Presynaptic active zone CC 2.543382451 0.002861657
 GO:0034358 Plasma lipoprotein particle CC 2.241145559 0.005739241
 GO:0032994 Protein-lipid complex CC 2.196499993 0.006360628
 GO:0008201 Heparin binding MF 3.006284448 0.000985634
 GO:0005539 Glycosaminoglycan binding MF 2.534599082 0.002920121
 GO:0004867 Serine-type endopeptidase inhibitor activity MF 2.466282926 0.003417567
 GO:1901681 Sulfur compound binding MF 2.39941613 0.003986427
 GO:0004866 Endopeptidase inhibitor activity MF 1.829660366 0.014802656