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Fig. 5

From: HNRNPA2B1 regulates the epithelial–mesenchymal transition in pancreatic cancer cells through the ERK/snail signalling pathway

Fig. 5

HNRNPA2B1 promotes the growth rate of xenografted tumor and decreases the weight in vivo. 1 × 107 Panc-1, Panc-1-OH and Panc-1-KH cells were injected in subcutaneous tissues per athymic nude mouse. Mouse were put in the blue drape for photograph on day 0, day 10 and day 25 severally (a). The body weight (b) and tumor volume (c) of each mouse was measured and visualized as line graphs. Tumor inhibitory rate was calculated by using the Panc-1-OH group as a reference substance (d). Data represent the mean ± SEM, n = 3, *denotes P < 0.05 vs NC groups, **denotes P < 0.05 vs Panc-1-OH group

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