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Table 3 Apoptotic nuclei evaluation by TUNEL assay in Me-45 cells after exposition to betulin derivatives in concentration 6 µM in 72 h after treatment

From: Anticancer properties of ester derivatives of betulin in human metastatic melanoma cells (Me-45)

Compound % of cells with stained nuclei
control cells 0
Betulin‐l ‐Lys‐NH2 86
Betulin‐l ‐Orn‐NH2 100 (cells damage, reduced number of cells)
Betulin‐l ‐Dab‐NH2 34
Betulin‐l ‐Dap‐NH2 48
Betulin‐l ‐Ala‐NH2 78
Betulin 27
Betulinic acid 95