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Fig. 6

From: Human cytomegalovirus interleukin-10 enhances matrigel invasion of MDA-MB-231 breast cancer cells

Fig. 6

Model depicting possible role of cmvIL-10 in promoting tumor metastasis. A monocyte that is latently infected with HCMV infiltrates a localized tumor, releasing cmvIL-10 that acts on tumor cells expressing the IL-10 receptor. This leads to changes in levels of MTSS1, uPAR and PAI-1, which reduce cell adhesion. Increased levels of uPAR and PAI-1 are strongly associated with increased migration and can also help activate MMP-3. Active MMP-3 degrades proteins in the extracellular matrix, facilitating access for tumor cells to invade surrounding stromal tissue and enter the bloodstream

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