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Fig. 2

From: Transactivation of the estrogen receptor promoter by BRCA1

Fig. 2

Transcriptional activation of the ER promoter by BRCA1. Promoter activity for a series of ER promoter constructs with progressive 5′ deletions designed to sequentially remove the established regulatory sites. Fold induction in luciferase activity (x axis) is shown for each of the ER promoter constructs following transfection with either a BRCA1 expression plasmid (filled bars) or the empty pRK7 vector (open bars). The fold induction in luciferase activity is the number of photon units per unit time of data capture (RLU) divided by protein, normalized by the corresponding value from cells transfected with the empty pGL2 Basic vector. RLU/protein values from the empty pGL2 Basic vector ranged from ~35 to ~400, while those from the ER promoter constructs were >1500. Data shown represents the average of up to 7 experiments, with luciferase and protein measurements performed in triplicate for each experiment

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