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Table 2 Distribution of frequency of CD34+ and VEGFR2+ vessels in human breast cancer stroma (all histologic subtypes)

From: Differential expression of VEGFR2 protein in HER2 positive primary human breast cancer: potential relevance to anti-angiogenic therapies

No. of marker+ tumor stromal vessels/TMA core 0 1–5 6–10 >10 Mean # vessels/TMA core (range) Total number of evaluable cores
CD34+ tumor vessels 9 36 52 89 11 (0–45) 186
VEGFR2+ tumor vessels 42 90 29 8 3.4 (0–20) 169
  1. About half of the evaluable TMA cores exhibited more than 10 CD34+ vessels in the tumor stroma. About half the evaluable TMA cores had lower number (1–5) of VEGFR2+ vessels/TMA core, while about a quarter of cases had no VEGFR2 expressing vessels in the tumor stroma