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Fig. 3

From: MicroRNA-222 influences migration and invasion through MIA3 in colorectal cancer

Fig. 3

MIA3 was a direct target of miR-222. a The putative binding site for miR-222 in the 3′UTR of MIA3 was revealed by TargetScan. b The miR-222 binding site on MIA3 3′UTR was confirmed by the luciferase assay in 293T cells after cotransfection with a plasmid containing a fragment of MIA3 3′UTR that included either the wild-type or mutant predicted miR-222 binding site. Data represent the mean ± SD of at least three independent experiments. *P < 0.01. Control is the plasmid without sequence. WT wild type of MIA3 3′UTR, MT mutation type of MIA3 3′UTR. c Western blot assay of MIA3 protein levels in HCT8 cells treated with miR-222 mimics, mimics control, miR-222 inhibitor and inhibitor control (800 nM)

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