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Fig. 4

From: MicroRNA-222 influences migration and invasion through MIA3 in colorectal cancer

Fig. 4

MIA3 regulated HCT8 and Lovo cell migration and invasion. a The interfering effect of MIA3-siRNA-1 with RT-PCR analysis. b Western blot assay showed decreased MIA3 expression after transfection with the MIA3-siRNA-1 (200 nM). Transwell migration (n = 4) and invasion (n = 4) assays showed that HCT8 cells (c, d) and Lovo cells (e, f) that were transfected with the MIA3-siRNA-1 (200 nM) had greater invasive and migratory potentials than the control (siRNA control). c, e The statistical results,*P < 0.01. d, f A microscopic image of crystal violet staining. Data represent the mean ± SD of four independent experiments

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