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Fig. 2

From: MiR-20a-5p represses the multi-drug resistance of osteosarcoma by targeting the SDC2 gene

Fig. 2

SDC2 is a target of miR-20a-5p in OS cells. The level of SDC2 mRNA (a, b) and protein (c) in the miR-20a-5p mimic (5PM)-transfected SJSA-1 cell and the miR-20a-5p antagomiR (5PA)-transfected G-292 cell versus the corresponding negative control (NC) determined by western analyses or qRT-PCR. d The sequences in the UTR region of the SDC2 gene targeted by miR-20a-5p (shaded part). eg The relative luciferase activity (fold) of the reporter with wild-type (WT1 and WT2) SDC2-UTR or with no UTR (Vec) was determined in the miR-20a-5p mimic (in SJSA-1), antagomiR (in G-292) or corresponding mock-transfected OS cells. The Renilla luciferase activity of a co-transfected control plasmid was used to control the transfection efficiency. The representative results from three independent experiments are shown. Error bars represent the s.e.m. *P value < 0.05, **P value < 0.01 by Student’s t test

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