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Fig. 4

From: MiR-20a-5p represses the multi-drug resistance of osteosarcoma by targeting the SDC2 gene

Fig. 4

The effects of a forced reversal of the miR-20a-5p antagomiR (5PA) or overexpressed SDC2 level on the chemoresistance of G-292 cells. a The SDC2 protein level (western blot analysis) in the GFP-tagged overexpression construct-transfected versus the NC-transfected G-292 cells. b The IC50-dosed drug-induced cell death of G-292 cells transfected with the miR-20a-5p antagomiR (5PA) or the GFP-tagged overexpression construct versus the corresponding negative control (NC) assayed 72 h post-treatment. c MiR-20a-5p antagomiR (5PA) or overexpression construct-transfected G-292 cells showed higher invasion capacity then the NC-transfected. *P value < 0.05 by Student’s t test

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