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Fig. 2

From: CBFA2T2 is associated with a cancer stem cell state in renal cell carcinoma

Fig. 2

CBFA2T2 is required for migration and invasion activity of RCC cells. a Immunoblot assay of CBFA2T2 and β-actin proteins in 786-O and A-498 cells treated with siRNA against CBFA2T2 or control siRNA for 36 h. bc 786-O and A-498 treated with siRNA against CBFA2T2 fill the wound area more slowly than those treated with control siRNA at 20 h. The wound-healing assay was expressed as wound closure rate (20 h average healed width divided by 0 h wound width). de CBFA2T2 silencing significantly blocked cell invasion of 786-O and A-498 cells. Images displaying the bottom side of the filter inserts with cells that migrated through the filter pores. The data are presented as the mean ± standard deviation with three independent experiments. **indicates p < 0.01

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