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Fig. 2

From: Restoration of miR-29b exerts anti-cancer effects on glioblastoma

Fig. 2

Anticancer effects of miR-29b on the A172 cell line. a Endogenous expression of miR-29b in A172, which is successfully overexpressed after transfection of miR-29b. b Restoration of miR-29b induces apoptosis in more than 50% of cells as shown by FACS analysis with Annexin V staining. c LIVE/DEAD assay showing a decrease in live cells after miR-29b treatment. d Cell cycle analysis by quantitation of the DNA content showing significant S phase arrest (p < 0.05) in miR-29b-treated cells. Error bars indicate the mean ± SEM for n > 3. Significance was determined using Student’s t test. e Effects of miR-29b on cell cycle progression were studied by flow cytometry using the FITC-BrdU/7-AAD assay. Expression of miR-29b significantly induced apoptosis (R4, 19.6%), and S-phase cell cycle arrest (R2, 12.82%) in A172 cells. Insignificant changes were observed in fractions representing G1-phase (R1), and G2/M-phase (R3)

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