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Fig. 3

From: Restoration of miR-29b exerts anti-cancer effects on glioblastoma

Fig. 3

Anticancer effects of miR-29b on glioblastoma tissue slice cultures. a Transmission electron microscopy (TEM) images of cultured tissues showing incorporation of nanoparticles loaded with miR-29b (arrow). b Ki-67 immunostaining on the glioblastoma tissues cultured for 7 days after miR-29b treatment shows a decrease in the proliferative index (2.4%) compared with control siRNA treatment (15.3%). c The apoptosis rate was measured by quantifying the number of apoptotic cells positive for TUNEL. A significant increase in the apoptotic index is observed after miR-29b treatment compared with control siRNA treatment (p < 0.01). Error bars represent the mean ± SEM for n > 3. Significance was determined using Student’s t test

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